Ashley has been dreaming of starting an outdoor apparel company for over a decade. She has experienced a lot of frustration with active clothing options over the years, especially with cycling. She believes clothing should NEVER keep you from doing something you love, so she's extremely excited to have the opportunity to manifest something she's so passionate about with Cosmic Dirt.

Ashley is also a sports massage therapist and spends her off time riding bikes (duh!) and getting into trouble in the woods with her husband and border collie mix, Jasper. 

Be sure to follow her on instagram @wildernoise to see why we call her our Chief Troublemaker. 


Heather has been bitching about the selection of mountain biking shorts for years. When the universe conspired to bring Ashley and Heather together via Instagram in late 2020, it seemed obvious that the pair were destined to create the things that women mountain bikers have been looking. Heather manages operations and the behind the scenes stuff that truly makes Cosmic Dirt function.

She lives in Western New York with her husband, dog Sprocket, and a small flock of entertaining chickens. She also runs an annual mountain bike festival, @RootedMTBfest!

Follow her adventures on Instagram @heluvaheather.