Meet our incredible team of athletes helping us spread the stoke and singletrack for all message!

  • Laura Danley

    Pronouns: She/her

    Location: Golden, CO

    Day Job: Dealer Services @ Skratch Labs
    Bikes: Yeti SB140
    Favorite trail snack: Skratch Sour Cherry Chews, chicken fingers, and the egos of unfriendly trail goers 😜

    What does inclusivity mean to you? "Inclusivity means tearing down the structures built to marginalize. Inclusivity does not allow for apprehension, insecurity or intimidation to hold back interest of trying something new. Inclusivity to me is a safe, welcoming place for anyone that wants to be part of its community. Inclusivity also starts with the people who create that space."

    Instagram: @redfoxdye

  • Avery Martinson

    Pronouns: She/her

    Location: Northfield, NH (but usually in her van!)

    Day job: Bike mechanic/coach @ Highland Mountain

    Bikes: Transition Patrol / Cult Walsh

    Favorite trail snack: Water for sure, but secretly Skittles, wait CHIPS AND SALSA!! 😍

    What does inclusivity mean to you? "Inclusivity to me is the idea of not just allowing all types of people to participate, but actively encouraging them to do so. In doing this we can help foster a diverse community that represents all people, not just the majority. When we see people like us do something hard, or scary, we realize that we can too which leads to more of that sweet sweet representation. The cycle of stoke."

    Instagram: @timesha.varie

  • Apollo Leonard

    Pronouns: They/them

    Location: Bellingham, WA

    Day Job: Sales @ The Kona Bike Shop

    Bikes: I have a lot of bikes right now, but my 3 mains are a Kona Libre, a Honzo ESD and a Traitor Crusade

    Favorite trail snack: Bananas and La Croix

    What does inclusivity mean to you? "Dismantling global systems of oppression and hate by creating safe spaces for, centering and including or most vulnerable and marginalized groups, with a clear departure from the glorification of white, cis, able bodied men."

    Instagram: @ntnlplzrz

  • Stephanie Ignell

    Pronouns: She/her

    Location: Bellingham, WA

    Day job: Associate Environmental Consultant and coach for Radical Roots

    Bikes: Transition Sentinel, Spire, and PBJ

    Favorite trail snack: Whiteclaws! And granola bars. But mainly whiteclaws.

    What does inclusivity mean to you? Accepting and empowering everyone, regardless of what differences are and creating space for individuals to be their true selves. Never passing judgement on other or even yourself."

    Instagram: @ignellstephanie

  • Hailee Kadow

    Pronouns: She/her

    Location: Portland, OR

    Day job: Professional Dog Trainer

    Bikes: Kona Process 153

    Favorite trail snack: Peanut butter cups and in sticking with the theme…beer. Always trail beers!!

    What does inclusivity mean to you? "Inclusivity means helping anyone who wants to join the MTB community get stoked, find their way and feel welcome. Something I personally like to do is save all of my excess and lightly used gear and give it to people I meet when they are just getting started. Things like helmets, knee pads, gloves, shoes, etc. Mountain biking can be a little cost prohibitive at times so I love being able to help out new people join and feel welcomed whenever I can."

    Instagram: @hailees_comet

  • Aubry Lines

    Pronouns: She/They

    Location: West Valley City, UT

    Day job: Nuclear hardness and Survivability engineer

    Bikes: Trek Remedy

    Favorite trail snack: Seaweed!

    What does inclusivity mean to you? "Inclusivity in clothing would mean making a wide range of sizes that can fit a wide range of shapes. As a fat (demi) woman myself, I can RARELY find any outdoor clothing that fits me right and I think it's so important to realize that people with these bodies ARE out there and we need to be clothed and prepared for adventure too! I've ranged in sizes from 6 to 18 and at ANY of those sizes, I could NOT find just about anything that fit me right. In the mainstream, these people are forgotten. In outdoor spaces, they are particularly forgotten. "

    Instagram: @moonflowerbat

  • Caroline Schjelderup

    Pronouns: She/her

    Location: Bellingham, WA

    Day job: Funemployed/Student pilot 

    Bikes: Transition Sentinel

    Favorite trail snack: Sour gummies and a Larabar!

    What does inclusivity mean to you? "Inclusivity is fair access for marginalized groups that don’t have the same opportunities or equity. It’s going out of our way to break stigmas and barriers to make people feel safe and included. For me, that means empowering and encouraging others, and reflecting on my privilege to dismantle any prejudice I hold."

    Instagram: @carolineschjelderup

  • Andrea DiMaio

    Pronouns: She/her

    Location: Falconer, NY

    Day job: Yoga teacher @amplemovement/hike leader/adventure travel guide

    Bikes: Specialized Jett 29r hard tail

    Favorite trail snack: Plain old PB&J

    What does inclusivity mean to you? "Anyone, regardless of age, size, gender and ability, who wants to participate in an activity has access to gear and clothing that fits properly and works for their body."

    Instagram: @adventuring_andrea_

  • Karly Myers

    Pronouns: She/her

    Location: Bend, OR

    Day job: UPS driver

    Bikes: Orbea Rallon

    Favorite trail snack:

    What does inclusivity mean to you? "I love seeing ladies on bikes no matter the skill level or riding style. I love when different ends of the spectrum, skill, size or whatever it may be, come together and have fun out in the woods. Being on the heavier side I rode alone my first few years of MTB because I couldn't keep up and was just embarrassed to be so far outside the cyclist norm. But I've found my people and I love helping others come out of their shell and feel like part of one big family."

    Instagram: @karlytobandyto

  • Jess Hana

    Pronouns: She/her

    Location: Bentonville, AR

    Day job: Creative designer & MTB coach

    Bikes: Revel Rascal

    Favorite trail snack: Chocolate anything and trail beers fo sho!

    What does inclusivity mean to you? "Inclusivity to me means that ALL are welcome and accepted regardless of race, religion, gender, age, body shape, income level ( the list goes on!) and in our case as mountain bikers level of rider."

    Instagram: @jessthemaker

  • Andrea Mules

    Pronouns: She/her

    Location: Philadelphia, PA

    Day Job: Business Manager at University of Pennsylvania

    Bikes: Omg so many! Specialized Crux for cx, an old 2012 Surly Karate Monkey as my MTB, Surly Pacer with gravel tires for the road, and my very beautiful yet a million pounds heavy 1986 Ritchey MTB turned touring bike. And just ordered a Marin Rift Zone 3 29r full squish!

    Favorite trail snack: anything with yellow cheese dust, Fig Newton type things, veggie dogs (yes, cold. Ask me anything. I love veggie dogs as a ride snack ✌️)

    What does inclusivity mean to you? "Making space for those with non traditional "athletic" builds like mine in the world. I want to continue to make space for those who have historically not been part of outdoor sports and create more opportunities to help anyone get comfortable on mountain bikes and cross bikes and trail running so there is less gatekeeping."

    Instagram: @andreatotallyrules

  • Maryjane Martin

    Pronouns: She/her

    Location: Missoula, MT

    Day job: Manager/Buyer @ Missoula Bicycle Works

    Bikes: Kona Process 134 and a Kona Major Jake

    Favorite trail snack: Haribo gummy Colas and salted chocolate chip cookies!

    What does inclusivity mean to you? "To me, inclusivity (in the outdoors) means opening space for and recognizing the value of all types of outdoor recreation. There is no right way to be outside, and we need to welcome all humans of all outdoor pursuits- provided they are legal, semi safe and not bad for the planet. I work to promote inclusivity in the programs I coach by recognizing hard work, improvement at all levels, and expressing my personal gratitude for my sports and access to land where I can do those sports."

    Instagram: @maryjaneelizabeth

  • Lex Jackson

    Pronouns: She/They

    Location: Princeton, TX

    Day job: Inventory management and retail sales at local Trek shop

    Bikes: Trek Fuel EX

    Favorite trail snack: Fig bars and rice crispy treats. Also Uncrustables!! Put them in pack frozen and by the time I’m ready to eat one it’s perfect👌 also, the Nutella version is so good too!!

    What does inclusivity mean to you? "Everyone, like EVERYONE, all the time, are welcome. All bodies are good bodies, and all bodies belong on bikes if they want to be there, and all types of biking is great biking. More people on ANY sort of bike is great. Doesn’t matter what you wear, what you look like, how you dress, what kind of bike, all orientations/gender identity, etc the outdoors are for everyone and bikes are part of that."

    Instagram: @3rdplanetnavigat0r

  • Lucie Pepper

    Pronouns: She/her

    Location: Santa Fe, NM

    Day job: In-home therapy working with kids with autism

    Bikes: Santa Cruz Bronson

    Favorite trail snacks: Gushers, cold pizza or a burrito!

    What does inclusivity mean to you? "Honest: creating a safe space for everyone to show up as fully themselves. This starts with making thing accessible to everybody."

    Instagram: @luciepepper

  • Kristen Fisher

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Location: Golden, CO

    Day Job: Model Risk Officer (fancy word for math nerd)

    Bikes: (MTB) Juliana Maverick/(Gravel) Specialized Diverge/(Road) Specialized Amira Expert (aka MY CREW)

    Favorite Trail Snack: Uncrustables Smuckers (Strawberryyyy ya’ll), Skratch Sour Cherry Chews, and Mini Coca Colas (Cannot recommend enough when you’re in a dark place on a hard ride, it’ll change your life!)

    What does inclusivity mean to you? “I believe inclusivity means creating an environment where all people are truly welcomed, valued and respected - for all of who they are - regardless of differences. Inclusivity is celebrating the beauty of every person’s uniqueness and learning from each other’s experiences. Inclusivity is recognizing all belong and combating elitism with humility and compassion. Inclusivity starts with community and a real community cannot survive without it.”

    Instagram: @k10fisher

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