At Cosmic Dirt we know the pain of not doing what we love because we can’t find clothes that fit and function properly. We want something that’s high quality, size-inclusive, sustainably and ethically produced and not insanely expensive, and just plain stylish. And there’s a serious lack of that in the outdoor space, which is the very problem that lit a fire under our asses to do better. That voice in your head saying you’re not good/fit/cool enough to be on a bike? F&%K that.  Cosmic Dirt offers technical mountain bike apparel and badass streetwear, designed by people who actually spend time in these clothes and know what feels good. The goal was to offer better apparel, not just more. We make durable, high-quality and stylish mountain bike and outdoor apparel in sizes XS-4X so you can stop thinking about your wedgie and just look cool instead.

So, what the f-ck is up with the Zodiac pant?

Why are we releasing new stuff when we don't have the god. damn. pants? Because we're just waiting on our factory! Currently as of 4/14- we've started production! Finalizing details and cutting fabric now. We aim to have them in house for fulfillment by June.


Cosmic Dirt is committed to making outdoor apparel for everyone. Our collections were designed with all bodies in mind. With neutral use of color (black and earth tones forever!) and edgy design, our clothes appeal to all genders. #SingletrackForAll  And- We’re hell-bent on using the best fabrics and materials possible so that our apparel stands up to the elements. We’re making high quality products that last, and aren’t going to fall apart three rides in, therefore staying in your closet and out of the landfill. Our streetwear is made-to-order, helping us only produce what’s needed while staying on trend with what our consumers actually want.

Our roots are very firmly planted in mountain biking, but we are multifaceted humans who enjoy other types of riding, camping, hiking, skiing, swimming, yoga, travel, making art, great food and beer, and helping people feel included in all of it. Cosmic Dirt will always be a mountain bike brand at its core, but our gear is more than super technical riding wear. It was designed for you to hit the trail, the town, the pub and everything in between. We want to own less stuff that works better... don't you?