At Cosmic Dirt we know the pain of not doing what we love because we can’t find clothes that fit and function properly. We want something that’s high quality, size-inclusive, sustainably and ethically produced and not insanely expensive, and just plain stylish. And there’s a serious lack of that in the outdoor space, which is the very problem that lit a fire under our asses to do better. 

That voice in your head saying you’re not good/fit/cool enough to be on a bike? F&%K that. 

Cosmic Dirt offers technical mountain bike apparel and badass streetwear, designed by a team of rad women who actually spend time in these clothes and know what feels good. The goal was to offer better apparel, not just more. We make durable, high-quality and stylish mountain bike and outdoor apparel in sizes XS-4X so you can stop thinking about your wedgie and start sending it.