That voice in your head saying you’re not good/fit/cool enough to be on a bike? 

F&%K that. You belong here.

Cosmic Dirt is here for unapologetic acceptance of all bodies in the outdoors, regardless of gender/skin color/sexual orientation/ability/religion/any other thing you can come up with that separates us. Pair that with being sick of expensive, overly technical bike apparel, and thus, this small but mighty 'tee shirt brand' was born. But it's so much more than that... Wearing Cosmic Dirt is like waving a flag that you're not a total d!ck. Nice.

Are you human? Do you like riding bikes? Let's go.


A note about shipping

Cosmic Dirt is a tiny company, run by a single person! (Hi, I'm Ashley, learn more about me here.) That means I'm design, customer service, shipping, receiving, marketing, and every other aspect of this company all at once.

While it would be ideal to get your orders out the door in 24 hours, that's just not a possibility for us. Please be aware that orders (even of items in stock, pre-orders are a different story) sometimes can take 7-10 business days to be processed to ship, but they are worth the wait!