So, what's going on?

Running a small business alone is really hard work... and the economy isn't great right now.

We're taking a beat to collect our thoughts, move out of our physical office/warehouse space, simplify our business model, focus on planning events for the next 6 months, and pivot to a more sustainable version of Cosmic Dirt. Important things to note:

  • We have product in evo (online, Seattle, Denver!) and the Transition Outpost, and that's not stopping!
  • We are partnering with our friends at Wild Rye to get our Kickstarter fulfilled and make some really cool collaborative products.
  • Dirt Church will continue... and expand!
  • We have more events on the horizon for 2024 that are going to blow your minds!

If you care to see us come back to the online store and stay alive, help us sell out the entire site ASAP. We love you, and can't wait to see you on the trails.